About OHK

O. Helene Kobelnyk is already well-known as a professional photographer and publisher of the fabulous online magazine, Vivacini!.  What is not so well known or publicized is that with her graduate school training in mathematics, she was writing code before Windows was born and cruising the internet long before the days of Internet Explorer.

With a formal education that began at Temple University in Philadelphia and culminated in a Master of Arts degree from the University of Missouri,  she has been and continues to be an avid and lifelong student of all she loves  such as the visual and performing arts  –something that drives her passion for photography.  Her expertise does not end there, though, and she has no qualms about referring to herself as a “techno-geek.”.   For example:  as a new principal in a new job, Helene was horrified to learn that in this age of information and technology, her school had never had a digital/centralized student information system, and when she was told that there were no funds to buy one, she simply built her own.

 “I’m fascinated with technology — and I love exploring and figuring out how to teach others who don’t know enough about it or are intimidated by the rapidly changing world of the internet.”

Helene has figured out how to effectively tap into the world of social media and internet marketing, and to make critical and synergistic connections.  In only four months,  her lifestyle magazine amassed a following of 200,000 worldwide, with a potential reach of 1.1 million.

“I have been researching and studying the connection between social media and search engine performance for the sake of  marketing my own photography and my publication.  I predicted as soon as Google put their G+ network in place, that businesses had better get on board if they want to keep or improve their page rank.  Sure enough, Google changed their algorithm and many of the old tried and true SEO tactics simply don’t work.  Sadly, a lot of ignorant or dishonest folks out there are still trying to sell these obsolete strategies to unsuspecting individuals, and at exorbitant prices.”

With various accolades and awards under her belt, Helene is fearless and effective in coaching  her business clients through the maze of social networking and marketing,

She also writes online tutorials in all aspects of social media and digital photography, as well as guest blog posts and articles for other websites and publications, including her own online magazine, Vivacini.

Helene is available for  personalized coaching sessions, group classes or seminars as her photography schedule allows.

“We’re a digitally networked society, and if you haven’t tapped into this, then you’re not part of the conversation because you don’t exist in this technical world.  This is especially true and tragic for businesses.  My job is to help you get your voice, and feel confident about it.”


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