So What Exactly Is “Liquid Content”?

    If you’re a business entity and trying to build a brand and an online presence, you’re probably bombarded by offers from all kinds of new marketing “schemes” , and some at very exorbitant prices for something you either don’t need, probably because it’s outdated, or something you or any high school student could do for a fraction of the cost. I’m always amused at the businesses and corporations that advertise something to the effect, “200,000 likes on Facebook can’t be wrong”.  Then when you go to their website, if they even have an updated site, you find crap for content.  So it makes you wonder, what exactly is “liked”? The truth is that there are a bunch of organizations out there that will let you “buy likes” and at a hefty price.  They claim that these “likes” are legitimate because they target a specific market.  Even if that’s true, your page can be “unliked” just as quickly.  Facebook “Likes” are only one measure, and the more integrated the social networks become, the less significant the number of...

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

      June is the traditional month for weddings, and Ruidoso, with its stunning  mountain setting and spectacular venues, has become a popular  destination for unique and memorable weddings.  Brides  and their mothers spend days looking through bridal magazines for ideas that eventually crystallize  into their vision of a dream wedding,  including the images they want for posterity.  Unfortunately,  with the high cost of  staging any wedding today, photography is often on the short list of cost-cutting measures. From a professional standpoint, weddings are still one of the toughest events to photograph successfully. The photographer has to be unobtrusively on high alert for the duration of the event  because moments are unexpected, full of emotion and transition quickly.  There is only one chance to capture the first kiss or the groom’s expression when he sees his bride for the first time.  The photographer who misses the shot, deprives the couple of the visual memory of a magical moment.  With  a  sea of self-proclaimed professionals, eager amateurs, and well-meaning family members and friends with fancy cameras who offer their services...

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A Package of Dreams and Treasures

    JulieAnne Leonard and her mother, Cathy Hufstedler,  give new meaning to the phrase “treasure hunting.”   Julio and Jo Sweet Pickins is definitely not your average used goods store.  JulieAnne  is “Julio”  and Cathy is the “Jo” of the Sweet Pickins namesake, and the two are following their life dream and passion of collecting, fixing, and repurposing household items from tackle boxes to furniture.  Specializing in the latest trend called “occasional sales”, Sweet Pickins is open the second weekend of each month with a new staging of different merchandise each month.  JulieAnne Leonard described the collecting process as architectural and salvage.     “We like digging and looking for stuff .  It’s something we’ve done all our lives.  We hear about occasional sales, gather stuff, stage it and kind of have a party.”   She also added that In metropolitan areas, customers often line up for the opening of similar “occasional sales” stores and hopes that residents and visitors will find this type of enterprise useful and entertaining  for this area.     Rather than base the value of...

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Getting Socially Connected

    In a rapidly changing technological world where all the laws of marketing and networking seem to be topsy-turvy, Helene of OHK Photography  is tackling this issue head-on by providing classes and workshops  in marketing and social networking  for residents and business owners in the Capitan/Ruidoso areas of New Mexico.   Rural areas usually lag behind the rest of the nation in most national trends, including technology.  In today’s world, businesses without a presence on the internet are often not considered legitimate or viable.  The “yellow pages” have been replaced with “Google” or one of the other internet search engines. “I think some of the technologically perplexed see the social networks as a fad that’s going to eventually fade away,  or they perceive it as something insignificant because ‘social’ is attached to it since for most of us, social is the opposite of ‘serious business’.  Barring some cataclysmic event, this technology is here to stay and it’s only going to get faster and more integrated.  Businesses need to learn how to leverage the social networks to their advantage or...

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The Magic of Photography

  “I love being behind the camera, but I also want to share my knowledge with others so that they can experience the same joy that I do when I make a magical photo from the heart.  It’s a way for me to give back to society, and to my community.”  (Helene Kobelnyk) Beginning the first week in February, Helene Kobelnyk  of OHK Photography will offer weekly classes in digital photography.  By designing each class to focus on specific independent but related topics,  Helene hopes to make it accessible to participants at various levels of photographic  ability, who can’t always commit to consecutive weeks or who have specific interests.    Some of the topics include learning about the DSLR, cleaning the camera’s sensor, choice of lens,  using  Lightroom and/or Photoshop, creating stunning HDR images, night photography, and more.  Helene indicates that participants should select classes according to skill level:     “If you don’t know what an f-stop is or are technologically perplexed when it comes to a computer, you should probably take the first class in photography and digital post processing before...

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About OHK

O. Helene Kobelnyk is already well-known as a professional photographer and publisher of the fabulous online magazine, Vivacini!.  What is not so well known or publicized is that with her graduate school training in mathematics, she was writing code before Windows was born and cruising the internet long before the days of Internet Explorer.

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In the rapidly changing world of social networking and marketing, Helene is emerging as an image and content specialist and coach, especially for the digitally perplexed.

Her imagery can be found on her photo blog as well as her main photography website.  She books only a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions throughout the year . . .

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O. Helene Kobelnyk launches optimistic lifestyle magazine.  Read the whole story about the New Mexico based  online publication here.  More information and the “rest of the story” can be found in the latest press release.

Read Helene’s guest post on Black Star Rising — the leap from photographer to publisher.

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